WiWU - GITEX Global Exhibition 2021

WiWU - GITEX Global Exhibition 2021

As may already be well known, GITEX which stands for "Gulf Information Technology Exhibition" is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Its exhibitions in the Middle East have attracted numerous participants, most notably in 2009 when Microsoft released Windows 7 with 150,019 people present.

WiWU - GITEX Global Exhibition 2021

Also, being an undisputed worldwide technology event over the past 41 years where global industry leaders, startups and game-changers come together to uncover future technological innovations, GITEX Global is the only event spotlighting worldwide tech visions at a large scale.

It is in this light that WiWU Middle East, being one of the top leading brands in the tech world today, took part in the 2021 edition of the event with great enthusiasm. Our presence at this year’s edition of the exhibition did not only create room for more B2B - B2C engagements, exposure and awareness of our brand but also we had the opportunity to engage into many resourceful business relations, on-site and future deals.

Looking at the extent to which the impact of the GITEX Global Exhibition 2021 was felt by so many if not all the different global industry leaders, startups and game-changers who took part, one can only imagine what the event will unveil in the coming years. With this said, WiWU Middle East is sure to be part of it when it comes through.


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